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When We Return

- Haifa International Film Festival



"Online Drinking Buddy"

- Moscow International Film Festival, "Arctic open" (Archangelsk), Saratov Sufferings Documentary Drama Film Festival (Saratov)

"A History of an Assignment"


"Koulakov’s supreme ultimate"

-  Moscow International Film Festival, Asolo Art Film Festival, Italy; "Stalker" (Moscow), "The Window to Europe" (Viborg), On Art (Poland), "Arctic open" (Archangelsk)



"Gayvoronsky: Passing Moments"

- "Message to man" (Saint-Petersburg), Pärnu International Documentary and Science Film Festival, Saratov Sufferings Documentary Drama Film Festival (Saratov)

"Family ties" (short)

- Tallinn Black Nights film festival, Concorto Film Festival, Italy.



"GESLO. The “disappeared” expedition"

- "Man and sea" (Vladivostok), Grand prize in nomination "Sea history of Russia", "Russia" National documentary festival (Yekaterinburg), "Arctic open" (Archangelsk), special prize "for an honest view of history"



"Who needs it" (short fiction)

- the film is based on the play by Ludmila Petrushevskaya, famous russian writer. .

- Tarkovsky-fest (Ivanovo), Ural film fest (Yekaterinburg), Short de point (Bucharest), Kinoshok film fest (Anapa)


- Kinoproba (Yekaterinburg)


“Sosnora. Stranger”

- about Russian poet Victor Sosnora.

- National documentary festival "Russia" (Yekaterinburg), prize of critics and journalists, prize of Russian filmarchive; "Siberia" (Omsk), People's Choice Award; "Literature and Cinema" (Gatchina), special prize "For originality of cinematic language"


"Anna Akhmatova and Arthur Lourie. Words and music"

- about Russian poet Anna Akhmatova and composer Arthur Lourié.


"Viktor Shklovsky and Roman Jakobson. Life as a Novel"

- about Soviet  literary theorist, writer Viktor Shklovsky and Russian-American linguist and literary theorist Roman Jakobson.

- "Message to man" (Saint-Petersburg), prize for the best screenplay


«Zoshchenko. Marriage»

- about Soviet author and satirist Mikhail Zoshchenko.

- FIFA (Festival international du film sur l'art, Montreal)


- Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival​​


«Aleksandr Volodin. Gloomy maraphon»

- about Russian playwrightscreenwriter and poet Aleksandr Volodin.

- Golden buben (Hanti-Mansiysk), prize for the best screenplay.

"Ilya+Marusya. Letters about the love"

- about Ilya Ilf and Marusya Tarasenko

- FIFA (Festival international du film sur l'art, Montreal), Docu.arts (Berlin), Point of view (Pamplona)​



- about free jazz pianist, composer Sergey Kuryokhin.

- "Message to man" (Saint-Petersburg), "Kinotavr" (Sochi)

"Happy plumber"

- DOC Leipzig, INPUT-2005 (San-Francisco), "Kinoshok" (Anapa)


"Vasilyev brothers"

- about soviet film directors Georgi and Sergei Vasilyev.


- about legendary director Kira Muratova.

- "Message to man" (Saint-Petersburg) special prize of jury, Arsenal (Riga), goEast (Wiesbaden), "Kinotavr" (Sochi)


"Dreams about Alfeoni"

- film about legendary artist and animator Alexandre Alexeieff.

- FIFA (Festival international du film sur l'art, Montreal), "Message to man" (Saint-Petersburg), Cineme (Chicago International Animation Festival), nomination «Emmy», nomination "Lavr".​

"All the Vertovs" 

- about legendary documentary filmmaker Dziga Vertov and his brothers - Mikhail Kaufman and Boris Kaufman.

- Locarno International Film Festival, Trieste film festival, Pardenone silent film festival, nomination "Lavr".

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