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"Dreams about Alfeoni"

- film about legendary artist and animator Alexandre Alexeieff.

- FIFA (Festival international du film sur l'art, Montreal), "Message to man" (Saint-Petersburg), Cineme (Chicago International Animation Festival), nomination «Emmy», nomination "Lavr".​

"All the Vertovs" 

- about legendary documentary filmmaker Dziga Vertov and his brothers - Mikhail Kaufman and Boris Kaufman.

- Locarno International Film Festival, Trieste film festival, Pardenone silent film festival, nomination "Lavr".


"Vasilyev brothers"

- about soviet film directors Georgi and Sergei Vasilyev.


- about legendary director Kira Muratova.

- "Message to man" (Saint-Petersburg) special prize of jury, Arsenal (Riga), goEast (Wiesbaden), "Kinotavr" (Sochi)



- about free jazz pianist, composer Sergey Kuryokhin.

- "Message to man" (Saint-Petersburg), "Kinotavr" (Sochi)

"Happy plumber"

- DOC Leipzig, INPUT-2005 (San-Francisco), "Kinoshok" (Anapa)


«Aleksandr Volodin. Gloomy maraphon»

- about Russian playwrightscreenwriter and poet Aleksandr Volodin.

- Golden buben (Hanti-Mansiysk), prize for the best screenplay.

"Ilya+Marusya. Letters about the love"

- about Ilya Ilf and Marusya Tarasenko

- FIFA (Festival international du film sur l'art, Montreal), Docu.arts (Berlin), Point of view (Pamplona)


«Zoshchenko. Marriage»

- about Soviet author and satirist Mikhail Zoshchenko.

- FIFA (Festival international du film sur l'art, Montreal)


- Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival


"Viktor Shklovsky and Roman Jakobson. Life as a Novel"

- about Soviet  literary theorist, writer Viktor Shklovsky and Russian-American linguist and literary theorist Roman Jakobson.

- "Message to man" (Saint-Petersburg), prize for the best screenplay


"Anna Akhmatova and Arthur Lourie. Words and music"

- about Russian poet Anna Akhmatova and composer Arthur Lourié.


“Sosnora. Stranger”

- about Russian poet Victor Sosnora.

- National documentary festival "Russia" (Yekaterinburg), prize of critics and journalists, prize of Russian filmarchive; "Siberia" (Omsk), People's Choice Award; "Literature and Cinema" (Gatchina), special prize "For originality of cinematic language".


"Who needs it" (short fiction)

- the film is based on the play by Ludmila Petrushevskaya, famous russian writer. .

- Tarkovsky-fest (Ivanovo), Ural film fest (Yekaterinburg), Short de point (Bucharest), Kinoshok film fest (Anapa)


- Kinoproba (Yekaterinburg)


"GESLO. The “disappeared” expedition"

- "Man and sea" (Vladivostok), Grand prize in nomination "Sea history of Russia", "Russia" National documentary festival (Yekaterinburg), "Arctic open" (Archangelsk), special prize "for an honest view of history"


"Gayvoronsky: Passing Moments"

- "Message to man" (Saint-Petersburg), Pärnu International Documentary and Science Film Festival, Saratov Sufferings Documentary Drama Film Festival (Saratov)

"Family ties" (short)

- Tallinn Black Nights film festival, Concorto Film Festival, Italy.


"Koulakov’s supreme ultimate"

-  Moscow International Film Festival, Asolo Art Film Festival, Italy; "Stalker" (Moscow), "The Window to Europe" (Viborg), On Art (Poland), "Arctic open" (Archangelsk)



"Online Drinking Buddy"

- Moscow International Film Festival, "Arctic open" (Archangelsk), Saratov Sufferings Documentary Drama Film Festival (Saratov)

"A History of an Assignment"


When We Return

- Haifa International Film Festival

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